History Talk (0) Share. Posted by tvshowfanatic12. Join the Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/264875854981213 In the ensuing chaos, the bus runs Spinal Tap's bus off the road and turns over onto its side in the town square. As a platinum award winning engineer/ producer himself with credits ranging from Jordin Sparks to Kenny Rogers, Otto … See more of The OttO Show on Facebook Otto is fired from his job driving the school bus, partially because he doesn't have a driver's license. Otto and Bart go to the Springfield DMV. But when he finds out that Homer called him a “sponge,” Otto … Although nobody is hurt, Principal Skinner finds out that Otto is unlicensed and fires him; Skinner takes over the job, but is a little too overcautious (unlike his predecessor). His major source of earning is from his mechanic career and his appearance in their family clan show named Alaska: The Last Frontier. «The Otto Show» (с англ. Otto becomes comfortable living with the Simpsons, but Homer cannot put up with him. Otto Kilcher's Net Worth. Simpsons TV Show. El episodio fue escrito por Jeff Martin y dirigido por Wes Archer. Coincidentally, Slash made a guest appearance on the song performed by Spinal Tap in the episode. Marge: I hope the Spinal Taps don't play too loud. Bart SimpsonOtto Mann Otto drives off into the sunset, with Skinner remarking, "Hail to the bus driver, bus driver man" and is grateful to be back as principal. If it no longer meets these criteria, you can reassess it. Green_Peaness. In the ensuing chaos, he drives recklessly and causes a rollover accident in front of the school. After the concert, he gets a guitar but is not that great at it. After The Otto D Show. Unlock with Patreon. August 16, 2016 August 17, 2016 Hank. Classes Lunes a Jueves. Numerous people call Springfield Elementary School to report the accident, earning Otto a reprimand from Principal Skinner. Use the HTML below. Patty quickly changes her tune, and not only gives him another chance, but helps him with his written test and overlooks many of his practical fails as they both make fun of Homer's crude behavior, even offering to take him out to a bar for a drink. Directed by Wesley Archer. Add the first question. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Bart is able to convince Marge and Bart to allow Otto to stay until he get his life straightened out.Overall, this is a good episode and we learn a little more about Otto, but I don't know if I can ever be too fond of his non-intelligence. Otto loses his job, and Skinner takes over his route. Listen to music from The Otto Show like On Pigeonback, She Slipped Off Her Dress & more. Patty is ready to turn him down when Otto tells her that he too dislikes Homer, and he wants to pass to prove him wrong and "staple his license to Homer Simpson's Big Bald Head". The Otto Show, (llamado El Otto-show en España y El rock de Otto en Hispanoamérica), es un capítulo perteneciente a la Tercera temporada de la serie animada Los Simpson, emitido originalmente el 23 de abril de 1992. Otto endearingly calls her his "hippy chick from Berkeley." I rate this episode 8/10. There’s a natural, realistic flow. Bart og Milhouse går på en konsert med Spinal Tap, men den viser seg å være en stor fiasko og ender i et opprør.Bart er uansett imponert over de aldrende rockerne og ønsker å bli en rockegitarist selv. The Otto Show has been listed as one of the Media and drama good articles under the good article criteria. After viewing the show he decides he wants to be rock star. A post shared by Otto Kilcher (@otto_kilcher) on Jul 7, 2016 at 11:17am PDT. Don't call Otto a sponge. Homer: Wow, my concert going jacket still fits! And this is where I used to hide my beer. Contribute a note. Christopher Guest as Nigel TuffnelMichael McKean as David St. Hubbins

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