Break 3 blocks and place one redstone to the front of that. Stone can't sense items at all, and iron and gold pressure plates emit too weak of a signal and are too expensive if you plan on doing this in Survival. They will die of fall damage and their items will fall into the hoppers and chests, where you can collect them. Player exits out of back door. When an enemy enters the trap, they will go for the bait and walk on the Pressure Plates, activating the dispensers underneath, which will launch Fire Charges at them. Soul sand slightly sinks the player or mobs. Place one TNT cannon right next to the tripwire hook facing in the way of the tripwire, and place the other approx. A one way door is made by placing a pressure plate in front of an iron door to a closed room with no way to open the door from the inside. - 1 diamond (Note:Only dig deeper if the target is wearing boots enchanted with feather falling as fall damage ignores armor) Put signs in the second block after the surface and make a water pool, so there`s nothing but air below. This is the correct way to disarm Mojang's desert temple trap (more than a few youtubers don't seem to know about this and will creep about the chamber looting the boxes without disarming the bomb first). It is also recommended that the pressure plate is made of stone so that a player can not activate the trap without standing on it, this can be achieved by throwing a block onto a wooden pressure plate. Diagram: This is a weird trap. If you are getting annoyed of wasted TNT because people run away from your landmine filled with tons of TNT, you can build a land mine that explodes instantly. In addition, any mobs walking on the pressure plate will attempt to go around as their AI prevents them from falling into the hole. Put a sign above the first chest saying MORE AHEAD! (Or if the tunnel is deep down, dig down to it and stand right above it there.) Dig four 1x1 holes (as shown below) into the ground and in the holes place a piston and in the middle place a pressure plate. Place a TNT block on any surface 1 block and cover with natural blocks from the biome the trap is set. 78,895. i really wanna see the be all and all trap. Pretty good,huh? Cheap & fast to build, yet does the job right and is almost undetectable. Connect these via redstone to three dispensers filled with fire charges. Then dig a fatal hole on the other side. Zombies and Skeletons will take damage from sunlight during the day if the pit is uncovered, making this an effective way to sort out creepers. This trap is an elevator [1] Place a command block connected to a redstone clock, faster the better, and use this command /kill @e[r=10] ~ ~ ~ Below!". You can then hit them without getting hurt yourself. Replace the chest with a trapped chest. The blocks beside the left of the bed and top of the bed are blocked because of the walls but the corner one (to the left and up at the same time) isn't blocked it's just outside. When they open the chest, the sound of TNT will make them run. (Note: Only suitable for 1 block wide mob. Aside from those tips, here are the most important rules of trap disarming survival, assuming you know where the trigger is. The victim will loot the furnace, causing the comparator to deactivate, along with the repeater, then causing the 'NOT gate' to turn the redstone line on, which will activate the TNT, blowing the victim to bits!!! Or maybe somebody will decide to build a house on your trap, once again setting it off. Don't jump in!". Two spaces from ground level, make a 2 x 2 array out of TNT. Place an Iron Door and hook up a pressure plate. Then on the opposite side, dig down 3 blocks so there is enough space for a cactus to be placed inside. You are definitely in trouble! When the player walks onto the pressure plate, the dispensers should fire. This video is an example of several traps you could make with tripwires. Fourth, connect the Clock or second latch to the and gate with a delay to prevent the And gate from triggering a large TNT charge that is worthy of a self-destruct button (optional ;). step 5. Then place sand on a sign, so that its shadow is beside the cactus. Place a tnt on the middle torch. I think it would be cool to be able to use scaffolding to build sand/gravel traps. BOTTOM BLOCK ONLY! When a player steps on this trap, the TNT will activate and the player will fall into a pit of lava, taking some lit TNT with them. To collect the items, create a maintenance hallway to the bottom of the pit. Then dig a 2 block deep, 3 block long hole. This is aimed for mobs more than other players. Put another sign saying: DONT TOUCH THE TNT JUST GET THE DIAMONDS AND LEAVE. Dig at least 5 blocks, then fill the hole up with TNT until there are four blocks to the top. Now, when your victim sees your precious diamond, he can't help but run into the pit, finding himself stuck, and will see a sign, next to the chest saying: use these blocks to get to the top. Notice: for inconspicuous explosions. This trap is made by digging a 2x2x3 hole in the ground, filling the middle of the hole in with water, and putting trapdoors at the top. An advantage of this trap is that it can be reset with the press of a button, or completely disabled, if needs be. Enjoy! The mob will step on the pressure plate and will open the door for a time, long enough to let him in, but not long enough to let him out. Place TNT under the pressure plate (people can't see it, trust me!) When they step on the plate, it will trigger the TNT, causing the victim to get stuck in the house and die from the resulting explosion. A very easy, cheap, but effective trap. Another fairly simple way is to replace the doors with iron doors and make the top stone and the pressure plate stone and put lava in the middle burning player/mobs making easy to collect their items. At the top, you will then start dropping your sand/gravel down the chute, and then it will fall on him, and they will suffocate. Another way to use one way doors is the soul sand room trap. you will need: lava buckets, water buckets, ladders, pickaxe Shovel (any), Dig underneath your nether portal and put a command block there. 2. Underneath the TNT the victim will suppose to find some redstone from a trap and will mine the TNT as bounty. Surround it with burning netherrack on all but one side. Cheers!! Note: This trap is effective is because it is almost impossible to get out of the trap before the TNT blows. Note: The downside is you may also kill the poor little ocelot. -Random wiki contributor. To obtain sand blocks, find beaches and deserts. By doing this the pressure plates won't work. If you want to prevent tunneling, place lava behind the wall. Place the sand or gravel on the side of the hole where the TNT is. Put a Trapped Chest there. A variation to this is to make it so that the sand crushes the victim when activated. It lures people in dually: the TNT danger, and the hidden house challenge. Place an iron door for players to "enter" the mine. Note: You will not be able to collect your loot as it will incinerate in the lava. Once they get far enough they can't go back. Also, lava spreads more quickly in the Nether. This is why the fire is important for making it more likely they will sustain fatal damage. Place torches along the sides of the hallway to finish the trap. Note that this video does not actually work, as the player can walk right though primed tnt. If this is too complex, my video explains this version, but none of the others! So, put a sign saying something like: "Diamonds here!" This trap is based on the forcefield, that the mine carts create when stacked together in a small amount of space. Finally add a stone pressure plate over any of the TNT blocks. Tommaso is also responsible for the bug which was to become the falling sand trap. Man kann sogar eine ganze Flachland-Welt nur aus einer Schicht schwerkraftabhängiger Blöcke generieren. This is a somewhat expensive trap with varying success rates. You will need: Now, exit the shelter and place a pressure plate one block inside the doorway. Make a 'dummy house' (A house that is not really a house, it is only to lure people). Duplicate the gates even more to form a long hallway and place your Chest or Ender Chest at the end (contains no loot). When the Noob tries to break the block with his iron pickaxe(silly Noob!) Cover it up with a grass block. Just things a creative player who doesn't panic might try. In this case, quickly kill the surprised player and claim their loot. 3. 1. place water in 2 adjacent corners. This will guaranteed it will grief players and see their bloody guts splattered on the walls of the crater. Put down a BUD switch made out of a sticky piston, slime block and redstone block. In the wall that is opposite to the entrance,put a diamond block. Minecraft Tutorial - Simple and Effective Sand Trap - YouTube tip: consider adding hoppers at the bottom of the trap to collect the loot. Then place lava over them. Players might dig out, but you can detain and kill them while they are trying to kill them. Place an iron door and dig down 2 blocks,make a large cave,fill it with tnt and cap it off with a pressure plate. ,Trapdoor (1), Any redstone trigger, Ladder (at least three). All these traps combined will make an awesome defense against griefers. Put a hole on the roof. Cover the bottom of the hole with TNT, then cover the TNT with flooring material.

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